The Surprising Results of Paraffin Facials


Although paraffin has been used for sore muscles and other issues like tendonitis and arthritis; it is also excellent for facials. Paraffin replenishes the skin and moisturizes even the dirtiest of skin.

A spa therapist needs to understand how to apply paraffin to the face so that it is done correctly and so the client feels safe and comfortable. The client is also at the spa to get the best results possible, so the spa therapist must be able to produce the best results that they can. All therapists should consult with their clients before performing this type of facial. There are many common indications and contraindications, such as claustrophobia that takes place during paraffin facials. It is important that the client understand all this before they get this treatment so there is no misunderstanding.

There are several ways to apply the paraffin to the face, such as with brush or with gauze with paraffin strips. A spa therapist should know how to brush on layers of paraffin over the gauze that is used and how to place and layer the strips on the face.

Many clients are very fond of this type of facial. All spa therapists should know how to perform this accurately so that the client can get the ultimate results and the ultimate experience.

There are many benefits to using paraffin. Paraffin is excellent in hydrating dry skin and awakening aging skin as well as skin that has been damaged by the sun. Paraffin is a thermal treatment that will not over dry the skin because the perspiration is trapped within the paraffin.

Many clients like the warm sensation from the paraffin and especially enjoy the sensational results. If a client goes to a spa with overly dry skin, they will go home with their skin feeling lavished after a paraffin facial. Paraffin is an excellent choice for facial treatments.


Source by Michelle Pemberton

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