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Never Run out of your Health and Beauty Items…

Set up convenient automatic deliveries of your favorite products. There are no commitments, obligations, or fees, and you can cancel at any time. View terms and conditions.

  1. Select item(s) you would like to have automatically reorder
    Select “Auto-ship Frequency”, and then click “Add To Bag”.
  2. Set quantity and frequency of your delivery
  3. Subscribe – Complete your order and proceed to checkout.
    We’ll send you an email reminding you of your upcoming shipments 10 days prior to delivery.

What is a Beautywaxclub Autoship?

A Beautywaxclub Auto-ship allows you to schedule and control automatic deliveries of your favorite products so you never run out. Set them up on your schedule, not ours.

How do I create a an Auto-ship?

Once you’ve selected a product, go to the Auto-Ship Frequency area. Then choose the “Auto-ship Frequency options” and then “Add to Bag.”
Select the quantity, frequency which you would like to receive our goods for however you can change frequencies or cancel them at anytime.
After your first Auto-ship order (about 10 days before your next order is placed), you’ll receive an email stating that your order is being shipped.

How often are items sent to me?

You can schedule for items to be delivered anywhere monthly, every other month, quarterly, or annually.

Can I change a subscription once I start?

Yes, it’s simple to change an Auto-ship plan. All you have to do is sign in to your account, visit your ‘My Account’ page.  Then you access the Auto-ship schedules tab, You can edit your quantity, frequency and/or delivery date. Note: In order to change your shipping address and credit card information, you will need to cancel your order, and create a new Auto-ship schedule with the corrected information.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged when your order has shipped. For your first Autoship order, the price will be confirmed when you enroll. After your first Auto-ship order, we will confirm the price of your autoship item via email 10 days before it is scheduled to ship.

Why did the price of my Auto-ship change?

The amount of each Auto-ship order may vary, as prices may vary. After your first Auto-ship order, we will confirm the price of your Auto-ship item via email 10 days before it is scheduled to ship, plus any sales tax. The price of your first Auto-ship order will be confirmed when you enroll.

Can I return items from my Auto-ship?

Returns will be treated like any other at return. You can return it by mail using a prepaid return-shipping label. Please visit our ‘My Account’ page and view the orders section.

How do online promo items and discounts work with my Auto-ship order?

Online promo codes must be applied at checkout and may be used for your initial Auto-ship order only. If your Auto-ship item is on sale or eligible for other online promotions at the time your order is placed and your order meets the promotion guidelines, you’ll automatically receive the discounted price and/or promotion. We reserve the right to exclude Auto-ship orders for certain online promotions at any time.

Can I save on my orders with Auto-ship?

Yes, absolutely. By using the Auto-ship program – you will save an automatic 5% off of every item you purchase. The discount will be applied to your shopping bag at checkout. The more you buy – the more you save.

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